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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This is Pakistan based seo service provider Jibran Ahmed Khan.

I am world wide optimize at Google top ten rank if you Google this keyword
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here i am going to share you that seo ( search engine optimization ) which is very easy to read as it seems but it is not easy to bear if you hire any seo expert for optimization on Google search at top ten rank.

There are many seo factors those are important to discus by seo person.
1 = website domain age = Mostly people think if their website domain age is longer so it is very easy to get optimize but this is totally wrong.
       The question is How it is wrong ?
Answer : if your website was designed on any seo service layout and content images till 1 years and after 1 year from same domain you have changed company services and want to give now apps development service so it is totally wrong and Google do not give ranking priority on this and because of this reason DOMAIN AGE LIKE THIS IS USELESS.
2 = what are keywords if website is new for seo service ?
Answer = let select seo person keywords for your website because if seo already is having Google top ten ranking so he / she understand better your website and ways to rank.

3 = even keywords are not search able but always trust on seo person because he makes search history for your website.
as i did for my website.
i optimized first till 3 months on long tail keywords my website like this
seo services provider in Karachi Pakistan
service providing company in Karachi Pakistan
so many of seo and designer and developers suggested me to optimize on search able keywords at google so you get HIGH ROI with in 3 months
but that was totally wrong suggestion of their side because if you want to rank your that website which is totally new or 3 or 4 months domain is old so you need to make it's history perfect by working onpage and offpage

4 = Never and ever think that your side developer / designer / writer is able to perform this job well instead of seo expert, because this is a biggest thinking which down the business after 3 months, ( i bet you )

5 = if you have hired any 5 or 6 years of seo person as freelance or inhouse job so never and ever ask him to do work according your wish and never and every apply your own RULES of company to rank your or client's website at Google with in few week or months by high search able keywords. for working on high and search able keywords there need to work with planing and stregity. there are so many seo link builder on Odesk and freelance those are just giving high pr backlinks and blackhat seo working. and after some days when client\s website goes down so client search again seo person to rank their side selected keywords even they do not know seo working and it's rules. IN SEO FIELD OR IF YOU WANT TO HIRE FREELANCE OR INHOUSE SEO THERE ARE JUST GOOGLE SEO RULES.

6 = Again i would post this that TRUST ON SEO PERSON either you trust your designer or developer.

7 = GOOGLE Adword / Planner gives suggestion of highly searches keywords but they are able to use after 5 or 6 months of seo working.

8 = Biggest mistakes of client are as under

  1. Searches their own side keywords by Google adword or Google planner
  2. Order on 2 or 3 phrase international keywords to rank with in 3 days.
  3. Do not give Cpanel / Ftp access to SEO PERSON
  4.  Hiring cheapest seo person to rank their website at google's different server with in 4 months or less time at TOP RANK
  5. Spin content from other websites and use in their own website and never inform to seo person.
  6. Even they have hired seo person online but also try to implement their own side seo tricks without any information to SEO Expert.
  7. If they are new in INTERNET MARKETING so they try to hire INTERNEE SEO or Junior seo / those seo persons who does not having rank their self at Google.
  8. Hiring seo expert on their own company letter head where it is written that YOU WILL HAVE TO PERFORM ALL JOBS AS PER GIVEN YOUR MANAGER OR DIRECTOR OR CEO which is a foolish thing,

Because there is just one CEO which is applying Its rule world wide for website to rank up and THAT CEO IS GOOGLE. And because of this it gives PANDA AND PENGUIN updates.
Before updating any page, url, content in website or all layout of website not to discus with SEO PERSON this is biggest Mistake of seo persons.
There are also some extra mistakes those are done by clients when they Hire SEO persons.

NOTE: BE Care full if you will hire CHEAPEST SEO, LOW COST SEO, AND THAT SEO who is not having it's self rank at Google.